Benefit From Our Modern Practice

  • See the state of your smile with our camera
  • Reduce radiation with digital X-rays
  • Experience precise treatments with our 3-D imaging



Experience Easier Care With Dental Technology in Dallas

At Village Dental Care, Dr. Hardcastle is always looking for ways to use technology to improve your experience with us. We strive to use the latest in dental technology in Dallas to plan efficient procedures and reduce any anxious feelings you might have. Thanks to our modern equipment, we can:

  • Easily educate you about your oral health
  • Directly involve you in our treatment planning
  • Help you make the right choices for your smile
  • Show you why we recommend certain procedures
  • Use equipment that speeds your healing time and reduces discomfort

Call (972) 992-5223 for an appointment with a dentist who values you and puts your comfort first.

Enjoy a Comfortable Dental Experience With Up-to-Date Technology

Dentistry has come a long way thanks to the advancements of modern technology. Because we’ve invested in leading-edge equipment, you’ll spend less time in the dental chair and enjoy more comfortable appointments. The equipment we use includes:

  • Intraoral Camera – Using a hand-held wand, Dr. Hardcastle can capture detailed images of your teeth and gums. He’ll also use this tool to share images with you on a large-screen monitor. It’s a great way to actually see the reasons for our treatment recommendations.
  • Digital X-rays – These X-rays not only expose you to less radiation than traditional X-ray equipment, but they are quicker and help your dentist easily diagnose and treat underlying oral health problems.
  • 3-D Imaging – For more complex procedures like dental implants, your dentist will use this 3-D technology to get a complete picture of your mouth and bone structure from every angle. It helps us obtain a more precise diagnosis and customize your treatment plan.
  • Soft Tissue Laser – Lasers help us with many of our procedures. With no incisions or stitching, procedures are faster and more comfortable. A laser also encourages quicker healing. Laser treatment is even safe for children!

We know how much our patients benefit from the latest in dental technology in Dallas, so we’re always striving to add more to our practice. Call (972) 992-5223 for an appointment and experience the rewards of a modern dental office.