Wisdom Teeth Removal

Avoid Pain & Dental Complications

  • Relieve pain by extracting wisdom teeth
  • Keep your other teeth in their proper place
  • Choose sedation options to ease your anxiety



Wisdom Teeth Removal

Safeguard Your Oral Health With Wisdom Teeth Removal in Dallas

If you are between the ages of 17 and 25, you may have noticed uncomfortable signs your wisdom teeth are coming in, like swelling, jaw pain, or difficulty opening your mouth wide. For many patients, third molars don’t come in right and create problems in their mouth. To eliminate discomfort and avoid future complications, wisdom teeth removal in Dallas might be necessary. With our help, you can:

  • Avoid infections and overcrowding in your mouth
  • Prevent a misaligned bite
  • Enjoy a healthy smile by reducing your risk for cavities
  • Get a gentle extraction from a dental team that cares about you

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Extract Your Wisdom Teeth for a Healthier Smile

A surprising statistic shows that 20 percent of wisdom teeth become inflamed or infected. Even for patients who didn’t have those problems with these third molars, about 25 percent later faced issues with gum disease. So, it’s important to have a discussion with your dentist to see if your best option is to extract these teeth before problems arise later down the road.

If removing your wisdom teeth is the best option, we make it as easy as possible with:

  • Modern Dental Technology – Panoramic X-rays and intraoral cameras give Dr. Hardcastle a complete picture of your mouth when planing for your wisdom teeth surgery. He’s performed countless extractions in his 26 years-plus as a dentist.
  • Dental Sedation – While we numb the area of the procedure with a local anesthetic, you can also choose sedation to put your nerves at ease. You can choose laughing gas for a euphoric sense of calm or oral sedation if you want a deeper sense of relaxation.

Dr. Hardcastle keeps your whole health in mind when recommending any treatment options. You’ll never be pressured into a treatment if you aren’t comfortable with it. With over 26 years experience in the dental field, you can rely on him for expert care.

If you need wisdom teeth removal in Dallas, call (972) 992-5223 for an appointment.

Common Questions About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Typically, wisdom teeth come in between the ages of 17 and 25. They may not need to be removed if there is sufficient room for them to emerge in their proper place and position. However, if they come in improperly, Dr. Hardcastle will determine if they put your other teeth at risk of damage and then decide if your wisdom teeth need to be removed to protect your oral health.

After your wisdom teeth are removed, you can expect tenderness and swelling for several days. You’ll want time to relax and avoid strenuous physical activity. Village Dental Care will offer instructions on what you can eat, proper dental hygiene, and other elements to make your recovery as smooth as possible. If you’re feeling discomfort, try swishing gently with lukewarm salt water. It’s normal for complete healing to take up to two weeks.

Dr. Hardcastle offers sedation and anesthesia to help make your procedure more comfortable. There shouldn’t be any pain during the tooth removal since we thoroughly numb your mouth. However, there may be some soreness and discomfort for several days following the surgery. In that case, Dr. Hardcastle might offer pain medication and helpful tips to help ensure a pleasant recovery.