Gum Reshaping / Gummy Smile Treatment

Show Off Your Teeth, Not Gums

  • Get fast & pain-free laser treatment
  • Show off an attractive smile
  • Balance out your teeth-to-gum ratio



We Can Get You Back to Health With Gum Reshaping in Dallas

There’s nothing wrong with showing a lot of gumline when you smile. However, it may bother you by taking attention away from your teeth. An even tooth-to-gum ratio reveals more of your beautiful teeth instead of gums. Gum reshaping in Dallas will gently remove excess tissue, so you can:

  • Improve the appearance of your smile
  • Experience a boost in confidence
  • Display your pearly whites
  • Smile naturally instead of worrying about closing your lips

Call (972) 992-5223 for an appointment. Ask about our VIP Club. For a small monthly fee, the cost of your preventive care is covered and you can enjoy savings on cosmetic treatments like this.

Showcase a Beautiful Grin With Gummy Smile Treatment

When you’re showing more than three or four millimeters of gums, you have what is called a “gummy smile.” Beyond the aesthetic reasons, though, it may be necessary to perform this treatment to make room for veneers or crowns. Whatever the reason, you can rely on Dr. Hardcastle and his team for a comfortable experience. He uses a gentle soft tissue laser to eliminate the excess gum tissue. You’ll experience many benefits of this technology, such as:

  • Quicker healing time
  • Little if any bleeding
  • No stitching required.
  • Reduced chance of infection or other complications

If you still feel anxious, about the procedure, we can provide laughing gas or oral sedation with a small pill. We also have comforting amenities like blankets, pillows, and warm towels to make you feel right at home.

Combine Other Treatments to Make Over Your Smile

Now that you have more of your teeth showing when you smile, it’s a perfect time to polish them up for the look of perfection. You may consider:

  • Teeth whitening to professionally eliminate stains from your teeth
  • Dental veneers to cover up flaws and brighten your smile
  • Teeth contouring to smooth out uneven or misshapen teeth

Discuss your goals with Dr. Hardcastle and he can make recommendations based on what you’d like to see when you look in the mirror.

For gum reshaping in Dallas, call (972) 992-5223 for an appointment.

Common Questions About Gum Reshaping / Gummy Smile Treatment

Gum reshaping is removing a small amount of gum tissue to improve the appearance of your gums. Two of the most common reasons to receive the procedure are to correct the look of an overly “gummy” smile or to even out a crooked gumline. Dr. Hardcastle uses a laser to perform the procedure, so it is quick and comfortable.

Your gum reshaping procedure should be comfortable. Your comfort is always our top priority at Village Dental Care. You can count on our team to be as gentle as possible. We’ll administer local anesthesia and use laser treatment to carefully shape your gums without any discomfort. If you’re nervous about your procedure, you’re welcome to laughing gas or oral sedation with a small pill.

Like other cosmetic procedures, gum reshaping can improve your appearance and help you feel better about your smile. This increases your confidence in both business and social settings. In addition, removing excess gum tissue often makes it easier to receive dental restorations like veneers or crowns.