All-on-4 Dental Implants

Turn Back The Clock On Your Smile!

  • Secure your dentures with advanced implant options
  • Look younger by avoiding bone loss in your jaw
  • Stay pain-free with two sedation options



Reclaim Your Healthy Smile with All-on-4® Dental Implants in Dallas

There’s no reason to feel embarrassed about tooth loss. In fact, it happens to millions of Americans every year. We’re not here to judge you for how your smile looks, we’re here to help! Our All-on-4 dental implants in Dallas is a fantastic solution to replace a full arch of teeth, in less time and with a faster healing process than many other implant procedures. This treatment will:

  • Restore the confidence you have in your appearance
  • Broaden your food choices to include crunchy and chewy foods
  • Use fewer implants so you can enjoy your new teeth quicker
  • Improve your oral health and jawbone health
  • Keep dentures in place without adhesive

Start a new chapter with a new smile by calling (972) 992-5223 for an appointment.

Renew Your Best Feature With an All-on-4 Procedure

The All-on-4 procedure has revolutionized dental implants. Because we are using fewer implants to restore missing teeth, it’s a less invasive and quicker way for you to enjoy your new smile. It’s also great for your health because these artificial tooth roots prevent bone loss in your jaw for better oral function.

Dr. Hardcastle will examine you to determine if All-on-4 treatment is the best option for your missing teeth. If you move forward with this procedure, you can expect benefits such as:

  • Faster healing time and reduced costs since we use four implants instead of eight
  • Modern technology like digital X-rays and 3-D imaging for a precise procedure
  • Sedation options to put you at ease during the appointment
  • Temporary teeth immediately after your implants are placed so you’re never without your teeth

By visiting our practice, you are working with a dentist who can place and restore your implants right here in our office. That means you don’t have to visit an outside specialist. Plus, Dr. Hardcastle will explain the need for any procedure he recommends. You’ll never be forced into making a choice you don’t feel is right for your smile.

We also care about our patients who deal with dental anxiety. In addition to laughing gas and oral sedation, we provide amenities like blankets, pillows, and lip balm so you feel comfortable. Plus, we have television in our patient rooms with beautiful scenery for a pleasant diversion during your appointment.

For All-on-4 dental implants in Dallas, call (972) 992-5223 for an appointment. Be sure to ask about our financing options if you’re concerned about cost!

Common Questions About All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4® uses a unique setup with only four implants per arch. The front implants are inserted vertically, while the rear implants are placed at angles for added stability. A fixed full-mouth restoration is attached to the implants. Once you have your new implants and replacement teeth secured, no one will ever be able to tell they’re not your natural teeth.

Your dentist numbs your mouth with local anesthesia prior to placing implants, so you shouldn’t feel a thing. In addition, you can receive sedation if you’re nervous about the procedure or worried about discomfort. Because only four implants are used to support your implants, you will enjoy a quicker recovery than with treatments that use more implants.

All-on-4® patients receive new teeth the same day they get their dental implants. These temporary teeth are used until your final restorations have been made and your gums and bone have had a chance to heal. Over a few months, your dental implants will fuse with your jawbone and become a permanent part of your mouth.