Dental Emergencies

See Us ASAP For Pain Relief!

  • Restore your oral health right away
  • Stop your pain & protect your smile fast
  • Choose sedation to calm your nerves



Visit an Emergency Dentist in Dallas for Urgent Care

Even if you aren’t dealing with a dental emergency now, it’s important to know where you can go for fast assistance when you need it. As your emergency dentist in Dallas, there are very few situations Dr. Hardcastle hasn’t treated in his more than 26 years as a dentist. He will help you:

  • Avoid further damage to your teeth and gums
  • Ease your dental pain and restore your oral health
  • Understand the procedures necessary to save your smile
  • Feel comfortable with the help of dental sedation and amenities

Call (972) 992-5223 for any urgent dental needs. We’re here to help!

Find Relief for Your Dental Emergency

You don’t want to ignore severe pain or dental injury. Left untreated, you may face further damage to your oral health or risk infecting other teeth. Since emergencies can happen to anyone at any age, we’re here to help your whole family get help ASAP in urgent situations. Here are some solutions that Dr. Hardcastle may recommend to repair your smile:

  • Gum Disease Treatment – Severe pain in your mouth may be a sign of gum disease. We can restore your gum health with a deep cleaning procedure. We may recommend follow-up appointments to further prevent the infection.
  • Tooth Fillings – A cavity can be painful, and fillings are often the best solution. Our tooth-colored fillings are metal-free, so they will blend in beautifully with your smile.
  • Root Canal – There’s no need to fear a root canal based on its negative reputation. It stops pain and saves your tooth from an extraction. If an infection has reached the pulp of your tooth, we’ll treat the disease and get your tooth back to its healthy state.
  • Tooth Removal – Sometimes an extraction is the best option to save other healthy teeth. We’ll gently remove the tooth and then work with you on a replacement option once you’ve healed.
  • Dental Crowns – A crown can cover a damaged tooth or large cavity. We can also place one with an implant if you need to replace a lost tooth.

There’s no reason to worry about any of these procedures. You can choose sedation if you feel nervous, either laughing gas or oral sedation. We’ll also take the time to show you what’s going on inside your mouth with an intraoral camera and answer any questions you have. You can also take advantage of cozy amenities like plush blankets and soft pillows. Plus, you can watch television to distract you from your treatment.

Call (972) 992-5223 for fast help from an emergency dentist in Dallas. For non-urgent situations, you can also request an appointment online.

Protect Your Smile from Dental Emergencies

Most people don’t want to handle an emergency situation, especially if it can be avoided! While it’s not possible to stop every urgent dental situation, there are preventive steps you can take to avoid many of them. Here are a few tips:

  • Visit us twice a year for your dental checkups. We like to stay ahead of problems before they get worse. By seeing us regularly for cleanings and exams, we’ll address oral health issues as they arise instead of when you’re already in pain.
  • Wear a mouthguard. If you or your child plays sports, you want a device that can prevent damage. We’ll custom-create a mouthguard just for you that fits comfortably and lasts longer than anything from the store. We can also fit you for mouthguards that prevent teeth grinding, a habit that can result in injury to your teeth.
  • Don’t use your teeth like scissors. We understand you want to rip into that package you got in the mail but avoid using your teeth to open it. You can chip or loosen a tooth by doing so.
  • Practice good oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once keep bacteria and cavities away. During your checkup, we can go over your at-home routine and offer tips to improve your technique.
  • Avoid a sugary diet. When you have a diet with too much sugar, you put your teeth and gums at risk for more cavities. Make sure to have a balanced, nutritious diet and sip water throughout the day. Your smile will thank you!

Common Questions About Dental Emergencies

Yes! In his 20-plus years practicing dentistry, Dr. Hardcastle has helped thousands of patients to feel better and have more beautiful smiles. His extensive experience means he has the skills and expertise your family needs for any emergency dental situation.

No one expects to have a dental emergency. Still, you can take steps to reduce the odds. Following ADA recommendations – brushing and flossing daily and getting regular dental cleanings – will keep your teeth strong and reduce your risk of tooth infections and gum disease. In addition, if you or your child participate in active sports, we recommend wearing an athletic mouthguard.

Yes, you can go to the ER to help with the pain of a dental emergency. The ER doctor may be able to prescribe pain medication that’s stronger than over-the-counter options. But since they don’t have dentists on staff, you won’t be able to get a root canal, extraction, or any other needed dental procedure. If you have an infection, the ER can provide antibiotics to keep it under control until you see Dr. Hardcastle.