Congratulations, you are on your way to a healthier mouth. Eliminating active infection in your gum tissue and maintaining a healthy mouth for the rest of your lifetime is one of the most important things you can do for your body.


What to Expect

Some discomfort, bleeding and/or swelling are expected after having periodontal treatment. The following are guidelines to follow, which will help the healing and lead to a quicker recovery.

Care of Your Mouth

Rinse your mouth 2-3 times a day with warm salt water: one teaspoon of table salt with 8 oz of warm water. Continue for at least 2-3 days following your procedure. A medicated antibacterial rinse may be dispensed to help promote gum tissue healing.


Your gums may feel "achy" or sore. For mild pain after the numbness wears off, you can take 2 Extra-Strength Tylenol, Motrin, or Advil (avoid Aspirin) every 6 hours, unless contraindicated. Sensitivity to cold food or drinks may occur for the next 24 hours. Be sure to use a fluoride toothpaste or rinse to help re-mineralize teeth and relieve tooth sensitivity. We have a number of prescription strength fluoride, calcium and potassium nitrate oral care products that can help you desensitize and strengthen your teeth. Some patients may feel no discomfort after treatment.

Bleeding or Swelling

Light bleeding following procedure is normal. Swelling or jaw stiffness occur very rarely. A warm moist towel can be used to help relieve swelling/stiffness for about 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off for about 1 hour.


You may GENTLY brush the area this evening. Return to normal GENTLE circular brushing tomorrow. Remember, never brush with a medium or hard bristle toothbrush or in an aggressive manner.


Please refrain from using floss today and tomorrow morning. However, start flossing EVERYDAY after day two of your treatment. Remember, brushing alone will only remove part of the bacteria and plaque that is growing on your teeth every day. You need to floss every day to remove the harmful bacteria and plaque growing on the roots of your teeth below your gum line.


Your next meal should consist of only SOFT foods. Avoid any hard or crunchy foods for the next 3-4 days (popcorn, chips, pretzels).


If you can or want to quit smoking now is a great time. Please do not smoke following your scaling and root planning procedure for at least 24 hours. Tobacco smoke is an irritant to healing and can prolong and/or discourage the healing process.

Periodontal Maintenance Procedure

Now that you have taken this important first step to a healthier mouth and body, you will need to continue treatment to control and remove any active infection in your gum tissues. Periodontal Maintenance Procedures are recommended every 3 to 6 months following Scaling and Root Planing to monitor your progress and prevent a relapse or re-infection.

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